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De Colores Foundation focuses on programs of benefit for children with developmental challenges in Tijuana, Mexico.  

De Colores shows preference to those who seek full integration and respect in the human community sharing a vision to the goals of full participation and inclusion of the handicapped according to the United Nations Charter for the Rights of the Disabled. 

Children with other capabilities speak for themselves.
De Colores Foundation is a non-profit organization helping 
developmentally challenged children to live and grow.
Father Jaime's Latest  ​Newsletter

Summer 2012
How do we work?
De Colores Foundation has no employees, no vehicles, no expenses, other than those imposed by governments upon nonprofit organizations. Because we work internationally, we must prove that our activities are not related to terrorism, the drug cartels, human trafficking, etc. 

Rest assured that we promote only peace, justice, and international solidarity with, by, and for people of other capabilities that face the challenges of poverty and neglect. 

We are not a second floor operation only funding other agencies. We help only those projects with which we have personal involvement. For example, we are currently assisting Carita de Dios construct a new center for their special youngsters in Tijuana because they join forces with us on common activities. In this regard, we have pulled in Serving Hands International to provide classrooms, and Charity Anywhere to renovate a building and help with the fencing. 

This reflects our broad based approach to therapy. We do not favor a single method but incorporate physical therapy, early intervention, intellectual therapy, equine therapy, hydrotherapy, and occupational therapy. In our relations with both our people and other groups, we try to maintain the spirit of a family all working toward the common good.

De Colores does not represent a religious organization or any Church. It values and participates with all peoples of faith and hope for a world more accommodating of the needs of all special people.   
We promote access, cooperation, full employment of abilities, and work for those who seek to show that they are not handicapped but handicapable.